Your Most Unique Selling Proposition

Your Personal Life Story

Your Most Unique Selling Proposition

The traditional practice when selling a product is to come up with a unique selling proposition for that product. I believe  your most unique selling proposition is your personal life story. We have all heard it before, “People don’t buy products, they buy people.”  Good news we all have one. Your story is unique to you.  Only you can tell your story.

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The Power of Story

We love stories because they the grab our attention and hold our interest. That is why we watch TV, go to the movies, and share our stories. Stories draw us in and make us feel like we are part of the story. They appeal to us on an emotional level. Stories make us feel the depth and breadth of our emotions.

Why Your Story Matters

Every one has a story that another person needs to hear. So lead with your story. When you lead with your story  you will realize that there really isn’t any competition because everyone’s story is different. The only person that can tell your story is you. Your story makes you stand out. It magnetizes people to you. It draws them to you. It makes people receptive to you by lowering their natural resistance. Story neutralizes apprehension and fear.

Story is the great equalizer. It shows your vulnerability. Vulnerability builds trust. Some would argue that credibility and authority sell. But quite honestly I think that vulnerability trumps them both. Your story connects people on an emotional level. When you are real and authentic with people they are able to see you, hear you and relate to you.

What Makes Story Work

It is very counter-intuitive. But story creates  vulnerability. Vulnerability stirs us and moves us to take action. It allows us to connect to each other on a deeper level. There is power in vulnerability. When we are vulnerable we are able to experience deep transformation. It is in our vulnerability we find answers and meaning in our lives. We find the life lessons in our story through our moments of vulnerability.

The Gifts from your Life Story

Out of your life story comes your message to the world. It is from your life story that you learn your life lessons. Your life lessons are unique to you. It is through your life lessons that you can help others. Your life lessons become the blueprint to help someone else. This is really powerful stuff. When I understood this my life mission, vision, purpose (MVP) become so much clearer. You ever ask your self “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” The answer to both of those questions lies in your story. Tap into your life story and there you will find the answers.

Something to Think About

Your story is your competitive edge. No one has your story. Your story started the day you were born. So it is unique in the world. Only you can bring your story into the world. Just think there is someone who needs to hear your story.

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 Question: What is your unique selling proposition? What is your story?

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