The Power of the Internet

Why we all need to be a part of the Global Internet Economy? (Guest Post)

The Power of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW)

The Internet with its global reach, appeal and attraction has created a major shift in the way we THINK, COMMUNICATE, DO BUSINESS and VIEW THE WORLD. Would you agree?

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This shift continually puts new ideas and opportunities within our grasp every single day.  However, many of us fail to see the success or get the results we want because of INFORMATION OVERLOAD. This makes it difficult for us to decide what opportunities to pursue. We are constantly bombarded with more products, more information, more software, more courses and more up-sells. When we become overwhelmed and overloaded we get caught up in this perpetual cycle of learning to the point where  we are not able to take action. As a result we remain in a cloud of confusion.

The New Lifestyle

There are some of us who have been able to harness the power of the Internet. They run 100% online businesses from all around the world. They are part of the global Internet economy. The internet provides them with both the opportunity and the financial resources to work less and live more. There are those who are skeptical and are trapped in the traditional employee mindset. Others say this lifestyle is for dreamers. They just don’t see how it is possible.

The desire to realize this “work less, live more” lifestyle echoes across the Internet. Each day more and more people are turning to the Internet for ways to make money online. Make money online is one of the top internet searches on Google. There are 192,000,000 searches for make money online. New businesses are constantly promoting the next best thing. They flood the web with  more products, more services, more software, more courses,  and more affiliate programs.

In Pursuit of “the work less, live more” lifestyle

For most people like myself included we are seeking “the work less, live more” lifestyle. But the biggest challenge we face is INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Most of the marketers out there are competing against each other for our attention. On the other hand we are looking for that one piece of software, or that one course or program that will  help us tie everything together and get us in the game.

For a large majority of us this system is not working. As a result we end up with unstructured and disorganized information that we are left to figure out and make sense out of on your own. It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack – impossible. This puts us in a tail spin. So we keep buying more products in the hope  that the next product will be the one. Can you relate to what I am saying?

The Real Game Changer

One Internet Marketer by the name of  Chris Record has come to truly level the playing field for the new person. Chris is the founder and CEO of Tecademics formerly the Internet Marketing College.  Chris recognized two major issues with the internet marketing industry. First he was actually part of the problem. He was contributing to the information overload in the industry. Second there is a great need for more structured and organized internet marketing and entrepreneurship education.

The Vision

In recognizing the problem the idea for Tecademics was born. What started out as the Internet Marketing College has quickly turned into a bigger vision to transform the landscape of the internet marketing industry. Chris’s vision is to change the game by providing world-class structured and organized internet marketing education. This has never been done before. This new model of online education will reduce information overload and  bring greater clarity and mastery to the new beginner. This type of education has been long overdue in the industry.

Why I am Excited?

Chris Record is an accomplished 8-figure earning entrepreneur, internet marketer and a great humanitarian. Chris came from very humble beginnings. But his desire to help others elevate their lives is the driving force behind Tecademics.  Chris has assembled a team of PhDs who are all experts in the science of learning together with the top earning internet marketing experts in the industry. At 69 years old, I never thought I would be going back to school. I am truly excited about this opportunity with Chris. Chris has given me a new retirement strategy and game plan. I can’t wait to get started. I believe we can all benefit from this education. Not just us but our children.

Why we all need to be a part of the Global Internet Economy?

The Internet is the only global economy that is both recession-proof and economy-stable. According to the Forester Research Group, it is estimated  that 327 billion dollars will be spent online in 2016. This confirms to me that there are countless opportunities online.

The Opportunity

Tecademics is an industry game changer. It is the first time in the history of internet and affiliate marketing that we are seeing  the merging of seminar  or guru education with higher education. This truly is a great moment in education. It is a win on so many levels.  You have the opportunity to earn while you learn. This is true return on investment (ROI) education.

By embracing this opportunity you will be positioning yourself for great success out of the gate.  The internet is truly the doorway to the “work less, live more lifestyle. The ticket to this lifestyle is the education offered by the Internet Marketing College. The Internet marketing College gives you a road to run on and succeed.

Become a Tecademics Ambassador

Join the other 39641 Tecademics Ambassadors. Tecademics is more than another affiliate program. In my opinion it is the future of education. I believe Tecademics can change peoples’ lives and change the world.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

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Join the Movement, Be a Part of the Conversation

If any thing I have said resonates with you or feels right to you, stirs you on a heart level…or you have found great value in this blog post feel free to jump in the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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