Review of Chris Record’s Internet Marketing College

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Review of the Internet Marketing College (IMC)– The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Internet Marketing College is the first ever of its kind in the internet marketing space. It is just getting ready to launch August 5 -7, 2016. Based on my hours of review of the Chris Record’s videos about the Internet Marketing College I have come up with the following pros and cons.


Considering the Internet Marketing College – Here’s What you Need to Know

You may be considering joining the Internet Marketing College or promoting the Affiliate opportunity  or both. You may be on the fence, not sure if you should get involved with it on any level. Here are my thoughts. This review is specifically about the Internet Marketing College. I will do another blog post on the Affiliate Opportunity so look out for that. Okay let’s get into it!

The Good (Pros)

PhD designed and guided Curriculum (based on the Science of Learning)

  • You get access to the highest quality education in the internet marketing space.
  • You get access to a highly structured, organized curriculum that has been PhD guided, developed and designed using Bloom’s Taxonomy a scientifically-sound instructional systems design methodology for mastery learning.
  • Your classes are teacher-practitioner led  by internet marketing industry experts.

Convenient Delivery Format (Lots of Variety to Chose from)

  • You attend the Internet College 4 times a year for a week at a time Monday to Friday (30 hours per week).
  • You take 1 – 2 courses a day on topics of your choice.
  • After each college week you go back home, apply what you have learned and retained for 2-3 months before you return for your next college week. (Learning in Action)
  • You implement the strategies you have been taught and keep refining your knowledge and taking action.
  • You get access to the virtual video classroom/livestream from the comfort of your home if you are not able to attend in person.

Proprietary Learning Technology (Proven Mastery Learning Process)

  • You do a pre-test and post-test to evaluate your previous knowledge and knowledge transfer following instruction.
  • Your classes are strategically organized into 90-minute sessions. Which is very brain-friendly and reduces information overload.
  • Each 90-minute session is further broken down into several 5, 7 or 10 minute “micro-lessons” of pure content. Which helps with retention of knowledge.
  • You have a break after every 90-minute session. Which gives the brain a rest and time to digest and process what has been learned.
  • Integrates micro-learning, social learning and gamification.
  • Your workbooks are immediately available and downloadable.
  • You get access to the PowerPoints for the courses.

Built on the Principles of Mastery Learning

  • You progress through specific  stages of learning. Starting with foundational level that adds more detail and complexity as you move through the program.
  • You go from beginner to intermediate to advanced and mastery.

Well priced Compared to Cost of Traditional Education 

  • Your single $10,000.00 tuition is good for 2 people which works out to $5000.00 USD per person. (This is much less compared to the $50,000.00 I paid for my traditional education.)
  • You get access to 1-full year plus an additional year to repeat any classes you took.

Built on a Legacy Foundation

  • It is modeled after the successful Real Estate Investment College Nouveau Riche founded by Jim Piccolo.
  • The model has been tested and it works.
  • Nouveau Riche saw tremendous success.

Opportunity to Network

  • You have the opportunity to meet, mastermind and network with other like-minded individuals, affiliates, internet marketers and entrepreneurs represent different industries from all around the world.

Virtual Guidance Counselor

  • You will have access to a virtual guidance counselor to help you identify what you are best suited for.


Honestly, from where I am here standing  who better to learn this stuff from people who have done it! It just makes sense to me. It is internet marketing education done right. It meets you where you are at and progresses you to mastery levels. It is the most innovative education model I have seen in a long time. As someone who has worked in the education system of higher education for over 16+ years this is cutting edge. I really have not seen anything like it. That is why I am really excited to be one of the Founding Alumni Members. This is EPIC!

The Bad (The Cons)


  • College Week’s are held in Scottsdale, Arizona (But you can access the video classroom and livestreams. There are also plans in the works to expand across the USA, Europe, Canada. Australia and South America as the demand grows)

Additional Cost

  • Cost to go to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend each of the College Weeks especially if you are not in the local or nearby Scottsdale Arizona area. You are looking at potentially  gas if driving, flight, hotel, food and entertainment (You can access the virtual classroom and livestreams however you miss the live in-the-moment experience which is invaluable…priceless)

Missed Opportunity to Network in-person

  • If you are not able to attend the College Week’s live you miss the opportunity to meet new people and network with the 1000s of other entrepreneurs from around the world and establishing global partnerships and networks.

The Ugly

For the Ugly check out my post on What Others are Saying About the Internet Marketing College. There I respond in detail to what others are saying about the Internet Marketing College.


For me the pros far outweigh the cons right now. That may change. However, my preliminary rating based on what I have researched so far is 10/10.

My Breakdown…

Based on my educational background, expertise and my experience what I looked at were the following:

  1. It is designed by a team of PhD Curriculum Specialists and Internet marketing subject matter experts (So it is PhD guided curriculum…so it is pretty top level curriculum).
  2. It integrates the Science of Learning (Bloom’s Taxonomy aka a Framework for Mastery Learning).
  3. It is based on a strategic scientific method for learning (Instructional Systems Design).
  4. It is geared towards deep mastery learning not superficial or surface learning.
  5. The curriculum is broken down into brain-friendly 90-minute units which works with the brains natural ability to take in and process information.
  6. Within the 90-minute sessions are micro-lessons which further all the brain to take in content in manageable chunks.
  7. Learners are assessed for both prior knowledge with a pre-test and for knowledge transfer with a post-test.
  8. Knowledge is built one foundational layer at a time from beginner to intermediate to advanced. (Essentially the learning is stacked)
  9. Curriculum is highly structured and organized in a way for learners to learn, retain, take action and succeed.
  10. Learning is spaced out over 4 College Weeks (with 2 – 3 months between college weeks) which allows the brain to go to work and imprint the learning.

Simple Translation…

It is pretty solid program. The Internet Marketing College curriculum model is speaking my language. But I will need to experience it live and in-person in order to give a more balanced review. My plan is to attend the first College Week in December 2016. So stay tune and check back for that update. I will do a more detailed review of the first week. I am super excited.

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