Internet Marketing College Spoiler Alert!

The Real Name of Chris Record's Internet Marketing College

Spoiler Alert: Is the Internet Marketing College a Scam?

The Internet Marketing College (IMC) is not a scam. It is a real college-like program not limited to Internet Marketing. But also includes Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, Direct Sales Marketing, Digital Marketing, as well as other industries such as Real Estate, Insurance, Consulting, Coaching, Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing and Making Money Online. It really is broadly applicable to so many industries.

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As Chris Record says, the intention of the Internet Marketing College  is  to “compliment, not compete with what you may already be doing” online or offline. Based on Chris’s success with Nouveux Riche in the Real Estate industry it shows that this can work for many different industries both online and offline.

Internet Marketing College Launching Soon!

The official launch for the Internet Marketing College will be August 5, 2016. The Internet Marketing College will go live and it will be official. This major launch event takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. It will be held at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa at 5350 E. Marriott Dr. in Phoenix, AZ 85054.

The Real Name…

We are not actually going to call it the Internet Marketing College. Chris Record

Right now the Internet Marketing College is a temporary name only for pre-launch. Because of the vision and the expansion from a school to entrepreneurship to worldwide financial literacy the name will be changed to reflect the bigger, broader, bolder vision.

The Unveiling…

So on August 5 – 7, 2016 as I mentioned the official name will be unveiled. I am so excited. Chris Record says that the name will not have neither Internet or College in the official name. I am beyond intrigued at this point. The new name will be bigger, broader and bolder. Stay tune as I will post an update once the company and name go public. It feels like Christmas in August as strange as that sounds. Check out this video where Chris shares the broader vision for the Internet Marketing College. This was the video that made me sit up and pay attention. Truly powerful.

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