Chris Record’s Internet Marketing College – Scam or Real Deal

What Others are saying About the Internet Marketing College

What Others are saying About the Internet Marketing College

Chris Record’s Internet Marketing College – Scam or Real Deal? Well as you know Chris Record is about to do a major launch event for his Internet Marketing College. There is not a lot of information online yet. This blog post is intended to share my own perspective on what I have seen and heard so far from surfing online about the Internet Marketing College.


Side Note

As a side note I plan to attend the Internet Marketing College this December for the live in-person 1st College Week in Arizona. I will be able to give a more detailed and in-depth perspective on my Internet Marketing College experience. So do check back. This post is not intended to attack anyone so I have chosen to omit the names or sources of the comments. I am simply responding to comments out there and sharing my perspective and adding to the conversation. With anything you want to make an informed decision.

Ok let’s look at what people are saying…“The $10,000 price tag is what worries me.”

I am not worried about the 10k price tag. Is it a lot of money? Yes! However,  two people can come in on one tuition. So technically it is only 5k per person (aka the cost of a holiday vacation or cruise).  When I think about what my 4-year Bachelors Degree cost ($29,444 CDN) and the Masters courses I took ($18,084 USD). The grand total I spent  well over $50,000.00 CDN on higher education. That is just the tuition amount not including other expenses like books and other fees.

“It’s just another pyramid-based network marketing opportunity with over priced products.”

According to Chris the compensation structure is different from traditional affiliate marketing plans. It is  a two-tiered system. In Chris own words it is not a pyramid scheme at all. It is an affiliate program with leverage. Each affiliate is incentivized to help those they bring into to the program. There are no levels like traditional pyramid schemes. Also it is not just another system to promote just to get a commission. It is an educational opportunity to learn from industry experts in a college environment. Secondly, I do not think the products are overpriced at all compared to what I have paid for my education.

“…a new affiliate product called internet marketing college.”

Yes, there will be some affiliates who will promote this as just another affiliate product to make commissions. However, I think it is much more than just another affiliate product. If you look at the IMC as just another affiliate product you may not being seeing the big picture, the bigger vision. Is there a huge potential to make a lot of money with this? Sure. But this is much more than that. Chris Record is changing the history of internet marketing education. He is helping to create abundance in people’s lives around the world.

“It is the same as Empower Network.”

I get that Empower Network has had negative press based on reviews. However, I can’t speak to Empower Network. What I will say is that no 2 programs are alike and you can’t paint all programs with the same brush. Programs are based on models that work. I think what Chris is doing is different in that PhD curriculum specialists and Internet Marketing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have developed a curriculum that is based on the “Science of Learning” or Bloom’s Taxonomy using “Instructional Systems Design” or mastery learning. So the organization and structure of the curriculum is legit. The affiliate compensation/referral program is not new.

“The products themselves are extremely overpriced…$100/month for internet marketing training…”

I know some people whose television subscription is well over $100/month. That is for TV. The best TV package from my local provider is $110.95/mo. + taxes CDN. Education vs. television there is no competition for me personally. I am not saying that there are no educational TV programs but I think you get where I am going with this. To me it is a small investment. I do not have cable/satellite myself and I have not watched TV in over 5 years or more. This is by choice.

“…you can find that a whole lot cheaper…you can actually find it for free…just do some YouTube searches…”

You might be able to find a lot of information online for free on YouTube. But it will be nothing like the structured and organized education offered by the Internet Marketing College.  The curriculum is PhD designed and guided based on the science of learning. I can guarantee you that you will not find that on YouTube!

“Too much information…information overload.”

The whole reason Chris Record has started Internet Marketing College is to help reduce information overload. He is bringing much needed structure and organization to internet marketing education. Instead of giving people a “fire-hose of information”, he is giving people a “sip” of internet marketing education. Translation: 90-minute classes broken down into 5-, 7- and 10-minute micro-lessons.

“if you get involved you’re going to be throwing a lot of money down the drain.”

I personally see Internet Marketing College as an investment in my future, my education and in my personal development. I am building a foundation for my future. I am recession-proofing my life. So if you are in a position to get involved with the Internet Marketing College you may want to look into it closely. It is a lot of money. But I also believe it will be money well invested. You are your greatest investment and your best asset.

“You need to take a long-term approach with things.”

This I agree with 100%. Chris Record did not get to where he is overnight. It took him mostly from 2006 to now which is 10 years to bounce back from his early successes and losses in the beginning back in 1998 when he first got started. Some people will make money quick with this. But the average person like me may take a lot longer. To me that is okay. I am in this for the long-term. I am putting myself in a position where I do not have to worry about money. I know It won’t happen overnight. 

“Do your research and find out if it is something that you really want to get involved in.”

I could not agree with this more. This is what I have been doing personally. I have been doing research online, reading articles about the methodology being used in the Internet Marketing College curriculum process, watching videos, reading reviews on social media and watching YouTube. With anything you have to do your research. That goes without saying. Listen to your gut and trust your instincts.

“Affiliate marketing has been around for awhile. It works. It is simply putting a link in front of people and they buy.”

I personally think that there is a lot more to affiliate marketing than just putting a link in front of people. People are not robots. Just throwing a link in front of me does not mean I am automatically going to buy someone’s product. If I don’t see the value I am not clicking the link. I do not know a lot about affiliate marketing right now. But I hope to learn more about affiliate marketing at the Internet Marketing College this winter.

“Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a business you work on every day.”

Agreed. Those having great success in the game right now did not start out that way. They worked at it. So now they are enjoying the results of their hard work, time and effort .Of the 6.8 billion people on the planet, those who are interested in the Internet Marketing College will have their own reasons for either promoting the program as an affiliate or participating in the program as a student. My plan is to do both.

“There are so many fake positive reviews out there. Stay away from things like the Internet Marketing College.”

I think there are limited reviews out there just because the Internet Marketing College has not officially launched yet. But you can not assume they are all fake-positive. For me I am writing from my heart and what I genuinely feel and think about the Internet Marketing College. I would not promote something I don’t believe in. I am a big believer in quality education and the value of good education. So far what I have seen I like.

I can only say so much right now…

Right now I am only able to give a very narrow and limited view on what I have learned from Chris Record directly through his videos and on his social media. Mind you, I have spent hours literally watching his videos over and over again and digesting everything I can to really understand the big picture details. So stay tune for more on that. I obviously cannot get into specifics at this time as I have limited information. However, once I have more detailed information about the programs and products I will posts my updates and thoughts.

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