How to Join the Global Internet Economy?

The Value of a Good Internet Marketing Education

The Value of a Good Internet Marketing Education Having a good foundational education in internet marketing gives you so many options. It allows you to join the “internet economy” and promote your business to a “global marketplace”. Did you know that… More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, according to the United […]

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The Chris Record Hustle

How Chris Record Became an Internet Marketing Success?

The Chris Record Hustle It all started in 2006 when Chris was working and promoting tuitions for a company called Nouveau Riche.  Nouveau Riche was a Real Estate Investment College that paid affiliate commissions for promoting tuitions to the school. In other words Chris got paid for referring people to the College. They were paying […]

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Who is Chris Record?

26 Things You May Not Know About Chris Record

Who is Chris Record – He is proof of what is possible! Chris Record is an Internet Marketing genius. He has been in the IM game since 1998. He has had tremendous success in the IM space and has created a number of great courses, programs and software. This year August 5 – 7, 2016 […]

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Why Be a Part of the Internet Marketing College?

50 Reasons to Take a Serious Look at the Internet Marketing College

Why Be a Part of the Internet Marketing College I believe everyone can benefit from this education. Not only will you be equipped with the skills and tools to make money online. But you also have to opportunity to promote the Internet Marketing College as an affiliate. Most importantly you will be able to change […]


The 4 Ms of the Internet Marketing College

The Mission, The Movement, The Message, The Man

The 4 Ms of the Internet Marketing College I have been pouring over Chris Records videos for hours for the last 10 days. It is crystal clear to me that the Internet Marketing College (IMC) is more than a school or an another affiliate marketing product launch. It is much much bigger! It is a […]

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The Vision for the Internet Marketing College

History in the Making

Where it all Began: The Back Story The Internet Marketing College has been 10 years in the making.  Back in 2006 Chris was promoting a company called Nouveau Riche. Nouveau Riche was a Real Estate Investment College. They had a school for real estate investors. As an Affiliate for Nouveau Riche Chris would promote tuitions […]

The Internet Marketing College Story

The Story Behind the Internet Marketing College

Internet Marketing Buzz Chris Record’s Internet Marketing College or IMC for short is creating a massive amount of buzz in the industry. The Internet Marketing College launches officially August 5, 2016. The IMC is an industry first. This has never been done before. What you may not know is the story behind the Internet Marketing […]

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