Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge

[Day 1] Finding Your Focus

10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1  #10DBC, #freedomplan

Note from Natalie:

Finding your focus. There will be challenges along the way when you are trying to create an exceptional lifestyle for yourself. This challenge will help you uncover some your biggest challenges so you can focus on overcoming them and get to your freedom lifestyle faster.

Day 1 Challenge:

Take some time to think about your biggest challenges, then list down 2-3 of them and write a few lines about why you think they are holding you back.

My Biggest Challenges:

But the biggest problem I have witnessed, and which I want to personally help you overcome is not focusing your energy on the right challenges. Natalie Sisson

10. Shiny Object Syndrome

Why it is coming up? I feel the next product or software is going to be the one that gets me the result I am looking for. Will get me going. So I fall into the trap and belief that I need one more thing. When I buy the next that will be it! It will be the magic bullet I need. But we all know it never stops there. So I end up buying more products, courses, software but I never get anywhere. I am afraid to add up the amount of money I have spent on software, programs and courses in the last 2 years. To be honest I have some that I have never even logged into since I bought them. True story.

Solution: Finding my one thing and knowing my why. This has been a real game changer for me. I no longer am seduced by all the shiny object like I use to be. Once something is not in alignment with my why and my one thing I don’t focus on it. This has saved me a ton of money in the last couple months. I was that person who would see a product and buy it because I might need it in my business down the road. Yes that was me.

9. Information Overload

Why is it coming up? There is just so much information out there. I feel a lot of the time I just need a “sip” of information. But instead I get a “fire hose” of information. So I am left to sift through the information to figure out what is useful, what works. This is an enormous and overwhelming task. Then I just give up. I end up with out getting the answers I need and my frustration grows.

Solution: Finding my one thing. This has been life-changing for me! No if it is not helping me move forward with my one thing. I do not focus on it. It has to be something that keeps me focused on achieving my one thing. I have also created a mini-checklist to keep me on track.

8. Analysis Paralysis

Why it is coming up? I feel overwhelmed. There is just so much information. I feel like I have to know everything first before I can take action. Then what ends up happening is I never take the action I need to move forward. I get stuck. I feel like I am going no where. I feel like I am spinning me wheels.

Solution: Gamifying my life. Instead of trying to achieve these big goals. I create levels just like in a game. Each level gets progressively more complex, but it is still doable. Each level I achieve brings me one step closer to achieving the bigger goal. This strategy keeps me motivated. It brings out my competitive streak. Cause I got to get to the next level and ultimately beat the game. We have a natural innate desire to win. So this really works well for me and it is a lot of fun. I find it also takes a lot of the stress and pressure off. I also get a lot more done.

7. Getting Caught up in the Hamster Wheel (aka Cycle of Perpetual Learning)

Why it is coming up? I always feel like I need to know more to make things work. So I am always looking for more information that will help me. I end up buying more products, courses and software that I don’t necessarily need. As a result, I end up stuck on this perpetual cycle of learning. Translation – I don’t take action.

Solution: I set action or launch dates. This way I am accountable for taking action. I have accountability partners. I join groups and forums. I join challenges just like this one. So I can get out of my head and get out of my own way and actually take action. As the expression goes, “Dreams don’t work unless you do!”.

6. Squandering my time on non-IPAs

Why it is coming up? I have this habit of finding all kinds of other things to do instead of the things that I know I need to do to move my business forward. So I end up making tons of excuses and wasting a lot of time on things that are less important.

Solution: I do habit stacking. I also set a timer to get things done. These two strategies have helped me to make better use of my time and actually get things done.

5. Lack of Organization

Why it is coming up? My mind gets flooded with lots of ideas. They come so fast and furious. What ends up happening is that my mind is all over the place (scattered) and I try to keep every thing organized in my head. Guess what, it does not work. I end up being so disorganized. I forget things. I miss things. It becomes absolute chaos. I feel like I am juggling a million and one things. As I result I get nowhere.

Solution: Now I am writing everything done. So I don’t lose track of stuff. I keep a desk calendar, a day planner and a journal, as well as a notebook. This has been big help. Instead of keeping a “to-do” list I now keep an “action list”. It just sounds better. It sounds fun and adventurous. It brings out my inner superhero.

4. Self-motivation

Why it is coming up? There are days where I just don’t feel like working on or in my business. Luckily they are few and far between.

Solution: What has helped me a lot with this is knowing my why. Knowing my why keeps me in check. It is the one thing that gets me back on track when I lack the motivation I need to push forward. Knowing that what I am doing is helping to transform and help others change their lives takes me over the hump.

3. Mindset (aka Brain Wars)

Why it is coming up? I think it is natural when you are trying to make changes doubt and fear come up which keep you [hostage] or tied to your comfort zone. My brain is fighting me. It is resisting the changes I am making in my life. It wants to remain status quo. It is uncomfortable. It is different to what it is accustom to. So it is trying to resist and rebel.

Solution: I have now developed a daily mindset practice. This has made such a big difference for me. How I start my day really goes a long way in setting the tone for the entire day. I also try to find small successes in my daily routine. I try to focus on the long game and not the short game. This keeps me focused and drives me.

2. I am excruciatingly and painfully shy

Why this is coming up? I have been very shy from since I was a child. I was even teased as a child for it. So naturally as an adult it is still there. However, I have learned ways to deal and cope with my shyness. I have even chosen jobs where I have had to be more extroverted.

Solution: Making a conscious and deliberate effort to put myself out there. To meet new people. To connect with others who have similar goals and interests. I even signed up and participated in a YouTube Video Challenge recently with Tracy Timberlake. As well I have joined lots of groups on Facebook as a way to meet and connect with people. This has really just been in an effort to come out of my shell more.

1. I am an Introvert

Why it is coming up? YES I am an INTROVERT. I have always struggled with putting myself out there and being visible. I tend to keep to myself and shy away from big social events. I am not very comfortable putting myself out there. I prefer quiet, solo activities. I like things like reading and writing. Getting lost in my own thoughts. I have no problem being alone or by myself. But I know that it is time to come out of my shell and shine. I have been keeping myself from the world for too long. I am ready to make some changes.

Solution: I have started coming out of my shell more. I have literally come out of hiding.  I am more social on social media.  I am actually posting and responding to other people’s post in a helpful way. I am meeting more people. Joining more groups and challenges. I especially have found I love challenges. They benefit me on so many levels. The growth, the transformation, the changes, the insights, ideas, inspiration, the breakthroughs and aha moments are just so powerful. I love challenges also because they give me focus and clarity around things I need to work on. I always come away with more than when I started the challenge. So they are powerfully transformational. The scariest thing I did most recently was come out of hiding on my FB page.  All I can say is the outpouring of support was overwhelming.

image of a Facebook post

My name is Lindy Lewis and I am an Introvert

My Focus Strategy

A major insight that came from today’s challenge was that the reason I get distracted or lose my focus is that I am not fully committed to what I am doing. I am doing the task but I am not 100% focused on it. So my new strategy is to ask myself the following question. What exactly needs 100% of my attention and focus today? Then I create the right conditions for a distraction free environment and to make sure I put the necessary effort into what I am doing. My plan is to use a timer  to keep me on task for a duration of time. So what ever I am doing I will make a conscious effort to commit completely 100%!

Thank you Natalie Sisson!

I feel like I am off to a great start. I was not sure if I was going to make the deadline for the challenge. I literally was cutting it close to midnight. I was an hour outside of midnight. Honestly, there was just so many challenges I could have wrote about. I am sure I could have kept going. Looking forward to Day 2! Thank you Natalie!

 Join the Movement, Be a Part of the Conversation

If any thing I have said resonates with you or feels right to you. And you have found great value in this blog post feel free to jump in the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Not finding our focus can keep us from discovering our purpose in life. Remember when we have clarity and focus we can move confidently in the direction of our dreams. That is really powerful!

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